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Architects of Sustainable Water Solutions

Who we are

Pioneering Excellence in Water Management

Kalibrewt including the service sector in particular in Turkey; It provides services in the fields of Management System
Consultancy, Product Control Surveillance Services, Environmental and Occupational Safety Consultancy. In
2015, it established the Kalibre Water Technologies group company to serve in the fields of water and wastewater
management and started to make projects in this field.
Our company, which realizes its production in Gebze, continues to serve in the sector with its Bursa and Istanbul
sales offices.

Renewable Energy

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Our value

Innovating for Sustainable Water Solutions

At Kalibre Water Technologies, our core value is to pioneer environmentally conscious solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovation to shape a sustainable future in water management.

Our Vision

To lead in sustainable water management, building a clean future by minimizing environmental impacts

Our Mission

At Kalibre Water Technologies, our mission is to achieve excellence in water and wastewater management through innovative solutions, providing customized approaches that contribute to environmental sustainability.

Our Motto

Shaping the Future with Innovation.

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