Wastewater Treatment Plants

Kalibre Water Technologies application areas; industrial and domestic wastewater treatment, anaerobic (airless) treatment sectors in the field of food, metal, cardboard, printing, textiles in the fields of many turnkey treatment plants have the reference. Kalibre Water Technologies produces and implements solutions in the areas of wastewater treatment with its expert staff. 

Field Of Activity

Chemical Treatment

It is the treatment processes applied to ensure that substances that are dissolved or suspended in water are deposited by changing their physical state

Drinking Water Treatment Plants

Drinking Water Treatment Plants are built to treat ground and surface water sources found in nature for us to use or drink. These systems are mostly designed and constructed for 20.000 population

Biological Treatment

It is the process of removing organic based solid substances in wastewater from wastewater by disintegration by microorganisms

Odor Treatment Plants

Odor Removal Systems are used to reduce or remove the amount of pollutants from air especially sourcing from WWTP's screens,grit chamber, sludge 

Package Treatment

Package Treatment plants is a generic term for portable and modular treatment systems which are used in the treatment of industrial or domestic wastewater and which,

Lamella Clarifier

Lamella applications used in water and wastewater treatment systems increasing sedimentation performance is an important technology. The layout angle, design and material structure of the modules used in this application, which is accepted worldwide, comes to the fore.

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